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  • COVID-19

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    June 2021 Update: Although some guidance has been issued allowing for vaccinated adults being unmasked indoors, this has not yet been extended to healthcare facilities. We are continuing to explore how to adapt treatment to meet everyone’s needs safely, including health screening, limited outdoor appointments, masked indoor sessions and continued use of teleheath for most people in most situations. Continuing to evolve with the shifting dynamics of the pandemic, the complexities of legal and ethical standards, and the needs of each individual is challenging and we appreciate your patience and continued resilience during this unique point in history.

    During Covid-19 we will be offering services via telehealth to assure safety of our clients, providers, and community. We will continue to monitor developments and guidance from the CDC and VT Department of Health to evaluate when in-person appointments can safely resume.

    Navigating the chronic stress and uncertainty of the pandemic has been tremendously challenging for many of us. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is critically important to staying as healthy as possible during these trying times.

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